Designer in a Box™

By putting all the important visual elements together in a box a professional designer has done all the hard work for you.

You know your interior will have that stylish professional look that others will admire and envy and you will have saved yourself hours and hours of time and energy running around finding it all!

The box contains three or four paint colours, three or four fabrics (both upholstery as well as drapery/blinds fabrics), carpet and hardfloor samples, a time-line, a list of simple step-by-step instructions to follow, and some further design notes that explain how to get the best result from the specific colour palette you have chosen. All the materials have been selected for their affordability, and yet high performance and durability when used as recommended, thus making these colour stories very useful and practical in a domestic interior application.

You will also receive vouchers that will give you a discount off the normal price of the products shown. This represents significant savings when the time comes to ordering them!

Palette Browser

Green and Beige: A lovely reminder of nature's forest tones. Warm, natural, clean and refreshing. Durable floor coverings set off a plush array of upholstery fabrics and a simply understated drapery fabric. Just change the greenery in the vase; the rest is taken care of! Blue and Yellow Soft: Simple lines will sit well against this backdrop of blue and gold. This choice will go well with light timbers and natural textures. Ideal for the holiday home or your own personal space where you want to kick off your shoes, take a deep breath and forget about your cares for a while. Tan and Gold: A warm, comforting look that is ideal for those colder rooms, or anyone wanting a look that says "please come in and relax". The rich tan sets of the warm golden tones, creating a pleasing style in nature's warmer tones. Blue and Gold: Ship-shape and ready for any guest! This colour choice provides a crisp look that will appeal to anyone. Ideal for the guest room or bachelor pad, this simple stylish look will be easy to dress up or down for any man or woman with an eye for clean lines and simple elegant taste. Brown, Cream and Taupe: Like chocolate, this rich, warm palette oozes luxury and style. A hard-wearing tile sits next to a soft cut-pile wool carpet, all complemented by softly tactile upholstery fabrics and understated drapery fabrics. Pumice and Oyster: A comforting colour palette that is affordable and simple to achieve. This range of ingredients can create a soft sophisticated spacious feel, or a warm comforting intimate feel, depending on how much light or dark colour you use. Versatile either way, this palette will provide the perfect background to simple prints and furniture. Silver and Cream: A truly elegant look is right at your fingertips with these stylish ingredients. A highly sophisticated colour palette is combined with easy-care materials. Simple to do, yet stylish in the long term. Cream and Brown: Smart and practical, these materials are durable and practical, both in terms of colour, as well as durability. Warm colours combined with soft plush fabrics provide tactile comfort, and a classic look for the home. Seagrass and Sand: Extremely practical materials combine here to create a light, spacious - and yet casual - atmosphere. Ideal for easy living such as the beach-house, these hardwearing materials can take the casual lifestyle. Tough floor tiles, loop carpet, vinyl upholstery (great for barstools, for instance) combined with plush companion fabrics all teamed with a dreamy linen look for the windows. Sit back and relax: this is colour palette that will soothe a tired mind. Cream and Gold: Ideal for those smaller spaces where a light airy style is needed. Hints of neutral colour teamed with warm cream tones allow an ideal backdrop for smart, simple "found" accessories such as woven baskets or a bowl of pinecones on the coffee table. Practical basic materials that are designed to last will carry these rooms into the future: just change the accessories to suit your mood. Green and Cream: An earthy casual style is easy to achieve with these key ingredients. A hardwearing floor tile and loop pile carpet set off lush, softly textured fabrics that hint at country elegance. Red and Gold: Warm and regal; this palette of colours adds an intimate style to any space where mood is important. A soft loop seagrass-style wool carpet teamed with durable tiles in just the right neutral provide a sophisticated yet soft backdrop to dramatic walls, and plush textured fabrics. Brown and Cream: Sophisticated and understated. This practical colour palette is comprised of hardwearing materials: cut-pile carpet in a very practical shade, durable floor tiles, and hard-to-medium wear upholstery fabrics; all teamed with dreamy drapery fabrics in a mould resistant composition to add that soft finishing touch.

Colour Palette

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Colour charts and background images by Dulux. Note: computer generated colours vary considerably from true paint colours and should be used here as a guide only.

How to Order

If you would like to purchase a Designer in a Box™ or to discuss your projects requirements, please Contact Kerry.