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Tanner House - Tairua

Design Brief for Tanner House - Tairua

When I met Alan and Lee Tanner I could see that Alan had a lifetime of building experience under his belt as a saw miller and timber expert. His encyclopaedic knowledge of building with timber is staggering. He openly admitted though, that while he had this experience behind him, he was lost when it came to the design process. He had seen many building fads and fails over the decades, and knew more than most what could go wrong. Clearly, handing over this design project to someone else was a brave move.

He said he was taking a leap of faith, and placing a lot of trust in my abilities.
He also said that he would make it clear to all the tradies on the job that if they didn’t listen to my directions they would be off the job.
The clear directive was this project was about creating the dream family home, after a lifetime’s effort.
The last and final point he made was this: ” … and we want to be friends with you at the end of this.”
I respect that honesty – not to mention trust in my abilities - and so made sure I came up with the goods!

The brief:
To interpret a dream lifestyle and in conjunction with the architect, create a beautiful home designed for –

Alan & Lee Tanner -Testimonial

We were planning our new home which had been on our dream list for 25 years. The basic outline (room sizes and layout) had been clear in our minds.

Our Daughter said she had met an interior designer who she liked, and thought would be helpful in converting our dreams into a real home.

During our first meeting we “clicked” and knew she would be the perfect person to look after our design needs. We took Kerry to the building site – a bare patch on the top of a hill on our farm – and showed her the architect’s plans.

After listening to both of us share our vision for our dream future lifestyle, Kerry gently suggested we were unlikely to get this from this exact layout.

She made several suggestions, including simplifying the roofline, slightly increasing the kitchen area, and putting more thought into showcasing the interior detailing we had been imagining using – in particular the swamp kauri, rimu, cherry and oak timber we had been collecting for many years with this dream home in mind.

She also listened to the list of features we had enjoyed in our home during our time living in America – particularly the over-sized doors, intricate timber detailing and generous ceiling heights. She suggested the architectural design more emphatically showcase these design aspects as well. From that moment on we knew we were in capable hands - our dream lifestyle began to become a design reality.

She worked in conjunction with the architect who translated these ideas into a revised set of plans, while she designed all the interior spaces, including the kitchens, bathrooms, store rooms, living spaces and so on.

She selected all the materials, both exterior cladding and windows as well as the interior detailing - from the feature ceilings to the tile cuts and everything in between.

Kerry organised the various subtrades and suppliers for the interior fit-out including the cabinetmaking, plumbing supplies, tiling and lightfittings.

She designed the lighting and electrical plan which was another important aspect of this design as night vision and safety was an important part of our design brief.

Essentially she took care of the whole design project, even when we were overseas travelling.

Kerry became our “go to” for everything and took us from feeling like “the blind leading the blind” to the completion of a beautiful home which has exceeded our wildest dreams.

Whenever we came up against a design challenge or problem on site, we conferred with Kerry who always had a practical solution which “made sense”. During the construction phase as building related issues arose Kerry always came up with a common sense and workable solution. Equally the same when there were any issues with any interior finishing and fittings Kerry always managed to introduce a solution that was both practical and cost effective.

We would highly recommend Kerry to any homeowner wishing to build their dream home without breaking the bank. Her knowledge and flair for design and her understanding of the whole building process is awesome. She has always been a pleasure to work with and will remain a very special friend to us both.

Alan & Lee Tanner
Tairua NZ

Bathroom Renovation

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Richards House

Design Brief for Richards House - Karaka

Leanne Richards had seen some of my work in an architectural magazine, and so made contact with me to discuss their upcoming project – a new home to be built in rural Karaka.
The brief was as follows:

Leanne Richards -Testimonial

My husband & I recently moved to Auckland and were in the process of building our dream home. I found Kerry’s details on line and arranged to meet over coffee to discuss options and to see if our personalities could work together. I walked away from our meeting knowing that I had found the right person. Kerry said in our first meeting – you sound like you would like your friends to walk in and say WOW but not sure why – Kerry hit the nail on the head and achieved this 100%

An Interior Design Idea

Kerry’s communication, timeliness, attention to detail, vision and impeccable taste made the pleasure of completing our home a wonderful experience. Kerry covered all aspects from external colours & materials to inside flooring, colours, tiles, furniture, soft furnishings and lightning that all culminated together into a home that we are terribly proud of and we could not have achieved the finished product without Kerry’s knowledge and support.

Our bright pink front door was outside the box for us but we are so pleased with the end result, it makes me smile each and every day!

Leanne Richards

Lawrence House One

Design Brief for Lawrence House One:

Lawrence House Two

Design Brief for Lawrence House Two:

Ngatai project

Design Brief for the Ngatai project.

The proposed project was to be an extensive renovation plus addition to an existing home. The building plans were part-way through the final stages, and about to be presented to council for permit when I was introduced to the project.

Gale and Mike asked me to create a family home suitable for many roles. They are a couple who love to entertain, who live with two beloved cats, and many frequently visiting grandchildren.

The home faces a wonderful, north-facing view of the harbour, and yet many of the spaces are completely lacking in natural light. The design therefore had to make the most of the site, and yet offer practical living that allowed for frequent entertaining.

I was asked to do the following:

Wright House

Design Brief: